It’s that time of year again, the annual Christmas post, the one time a year I write about anything other than fish. If you ask anyone in my family, the only gifts they receive from me come from inside this shop, so I try to put a little thought into it. We all try to do three ideasĀ for this post. The first two items on my list are the fishermens items, these items are for the men or women on your list that you say “man, they have everything, but I want to go big on fishing”. The last item is the fun gift idea for the person on your list that doesnt need much, but you want to get something that shows you thought of them! Here you go!


Number one!


Fisknat Nets are a Northwest staple, They are reasonably priced for their beautiful craftsmanship and they sure are beautiful! These are locally made, beautiful, and every fisherman has dreamed of them! Plus Robert over at Fisknat sure is a great guy! A new net is always a safe bet for a fishermen, If you know they have a net already try to get a look at the handle length and we can help you compliment it!


Number two! (two part)c2303-zoom-r-evolution-traveler

The Renzetti Traveler 2300! This is the most loved vise in the game, this is what most of us in the shop whip up our flies on and some of the best tiers in the world are tying on. This vise has many of the same features of the luxury vises on the market without the complicated or fancy features that make them $400-$700 dollars. The Renzetti traveler is made in the USA for the guy that loves tying flies!

Part two of number twomaster_vise_m6008

The Renzetti Master! Okay, I have to admit I am a massive fan of the Traveler 2300, and I have no real NEED to upgrade to the master. I do a lot of classes (2017 schedule coming soon) and I am fairly active on Instagram with my flies (@flyfishingjustinwaters) and this vise is just better looking than the traveler. The adjustable neck, the burley base, and the ability to tie down to a #28 and up to a size 10/0 saltwater fly makes this vise the best on the market, and the most beautiful finish on the market… It was on my birthday wish list and SOMEONE decided feeding ourselves was more important than buying a new vise. However this one is on my personal wish list.


Number 3!sw000171108-1-p


The Charley Harper Trout Socks!


Smartwool’s Charley Harper collection is a great addition to anyones sock drawer. They look great, feel great, and last for what seems like forever. They are technical enough to feel comfortable on a short hike with the dog, yet still make a great everyday sock for…everyday! Plus you can say you have trout toes!


Merry Christmas, Hanukkah, Holiday, or bar mitzvah to you and your family, and tight-lines in the new year!



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