Tie of the Month is for fly tiers that need a little inspiration or are learning new patterns.


Tie of the Month is inspired by our successful Fly of the Month Club. Every month with Fly of the Month we mail out $20 worth of flies and a great write up of where to go, how to fish it, and more. The fly selection has a theme to it having to do with fishing opportunity the following month. The flies are historically effective during that period. We hope the Fly of the Month Club inspires you to try out new fisheries, new locations, fish more, fish all year, and have fun!

Expanding on Fly of the Month, we are offering for fly tiers, Tie of the Month!

Tie of the Month will feature one or more of the flies selected for Fly of the Month. We will mail you everything you need to tie 10-12 flies (hooks, materials, etc) as well as instructions (by video).

Join both clubs and get a $5 discount!

Sign up for Fly of the Month HERE and Tie of the Month HERE!


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