GHFS-About-TradeAt the Gig Harbor Fly Shop we recognize and respect the concern of anglers who have purchased any type of gear (rod, reel, line, accessories, etc.) and now want to integrate/upgrade to new items for the arsenal. If you have a rod that you purchased for a specific application but no longer use, or any other items that are no longer in the regular rotation, we can help you unload them and step up or diversify. Thus, we offer our trade in/trade up program. Bring us your carefully used and/or unused fishing gear and we will sell it for you; the value of the items we sell for you can be applied as credit to anything in the shop. So, if you want to move out that extra 5 wt rod that never gets used or the reel that doesn’t balance properly with the rod you bought it for, bring it in and let us get you into some gear that will get used for fishing.

We encourage you to research some dream gear you have been thinking about purchasing and then review the items you have at hand.

Who knows? That spare rod or reel, or any other combination of accessories that doesn’t get fished, may likely equate to a brand new Scott or Winston rod or a Bauer or Nautilus reel; or any number of accessories (you know you need a new pair of polarized sunglasses and your waders might be leaking…).

Comments or questions are welcome.

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Terms of Use

  • Acceptable Items:
    • Fly Rods in good usable condition (please contact us if the rod is missing guides, etc)
    • All Fly Reels or Spools
    • Fly Tying Vises (acceptable brands: Renzetti, Dyna-King, HMH, Peak, and Regal)
    • Wading Boots in Like-new Condition
    • Fly Lines & Waders in new condition w/ packaging
    • Have something else fly fishing or conventional fishing related not listed above you want us to sell? Email or call us, we might just do it!
  • The Gig Harbor Fly Shop (the Consignor) agrees to sell your (the Consignee) item on a consignment basis. The Consignee agrees to accept the credit amount from the sale of items which is the eBay sale amount minus a flat rate of 10%, to cover eBay and Paypal fees. Any additional shipping expenses incurred will be covered by the Gig Harbor Fly Shop.
  • The Gig Harbor Fly Shop employees, on behalf of the Gig Harbor Fly Shop, reserve the right to refuse any items, whether in person, over the phone, or upon receipt, through shipping.
  • Items and/or store credit cannot be redeemed for cash.
  • Store credit can only be used on regular priced/non-sale items. Store credit cannot be used for eBay auction items.
  • Trade-in item sales cannot be ended early before the scheduled ending date unless an error in the listing has been made. The Gig Harbor Fly Shop reserves the right to determine what constitutes a listing error.
  • We will return your gear at any time as long as we have not already listed it on eBay. We will return what we cannot sell.
  • All items will be listed for 7-day auctions with no reserve and starting at $.01. We have found that this gains the most attention and bids on eBay. We appreciate any information you can give us in regards to the item. The Gig Harbor Fly Shop reserves the right to write the listing how they see fit. Bidding up or winning your own item will result in forfeiture of that item to cover the time selling it.
  • We will not list items as ‘new’ and/or with a factory warranty. The fact that you have the item means it is no longer new!
  • By agreeing to this Terms of Use: You understand that any quote given is an estimate and the actual total could be less or more. You are receiving store credit for this item, not cash. The final amount will be for the total selling amount minus 10%. You own this item or have permission from the owner to sell it. This item is not stolen.

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