At 35 acres in size, Hilltop is just the right size for our pedal drive Hobie kayaks.  The lake itself is long and relatively skinny with great Bass habitat including cattails, Russian olive trees, and weed beds surrounding the entire shoreline.  This creates an unlimited number of pockets and undercuts to probe with a variety of flies as you work the edges. Hilltop Lake provides a quality Largemouth experience and offers a legitimate opportunity to land a 5+ pound trophy Bucketmouth on the fly.

While fishing is fishing, and they can inexplicably become lock-jawed at anytime, the fact that angler days are restricted and fly fishing only gives anglers a “better than average” chance at experiencing something special. Most days the fishing is anything but technical.  Largemouth bass are predators and when they set their sights on eating something, they’re going to get it done!  Given the dense riparian foliage surrounding the entire lake and soft mud bottom throughout, bank angling is simply not an option. Watercraft is necessary (and provided) to effectively fish the lake.

$175/per person (plus tax) includes: A great day of fishing, Shoreside Lunch, and Watercraft. You have your pick of Hobie Pro Angler 14, Hobie Pro Angler 12, Hobie Mirage 180 Outback, or BOTE SUP.

Not Included: Fishing tackle (6-8wt w/ floating line), Transportation, and Gratuity.