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Puget Sound is blessed with over 3,000 miles of scenic beaches with many remote locations. A vast body of water, complex ecosystem, and migratory fish can be intimidating for many anglers exploring Puget Sound but our guides know when, where, and how to target these fish.

The Fish
There are a variety of species we target with the most popular being the sea run coastal cutthroat trout. These saltwater trout are similar to their freshwater cousin the Steelhead. They spawn in freshwater streams and live the majority of their lives in the saltwater. One of the large differences between the two are the lives they live in the salt. Steelhead are known for heading out to the Pacific Ocean. The sea run cutthroat, on the other hand, lives most of its life just a few miles from its home stream. What this means for the fly fisher is that these fish are available along the beach nearly every month of the year.
In addition to sea run cutthroat trout we also fish for salmon. There are four species of salmon we hook into on a consistent basis. The mighty King salmon (or Chinook) can be difficult to get on the fly but is a memory maker when it happens. Pink salmon (or Humpies) only return in odd years and they return in force. IMG_3244Puget Sound consistently gets 6+ million fish returning with a handful of rivers getting nearly a million fish each. Most of the fishing pressure for these fish are on the rivers, but in our opinion, the best fishing for these fish is in the saltwater. There is more solitude, the fish respond exceptional to the fly, and they are bright and full of fight. Coho salmon (or Silvers) are possibly one of the best fly rod fish on the planet. They are aggressive to the fly, are a great size for fly rods (6-10 pounds), and they jump, cartwheel, and run when hooked. They can even be taken on topwater flies.  In the winter months there are resident coho available. Resident coho are a trout sized juvenile salmon. Chum salmon (or Dog salmon) are brutes. When they school up at the mouth of estuaries they get aggressive towards each other and towards the fly. They are large salmon (8-20 pounds) and fight incredibly hard and can be a lot of fun on an 8wt.

We offer several options for guided trips:

Kayak Fishing Trips – Full Day

Our most popular trip! Our fleet of Hobie pedal-drive kayaks are incredibly stable.

Beach Walk & Wade Trips – 1/2 Day

The original! We’ve been hosting clients on the beach since 2009!

Kayak Fishing Trips – 1/2 Day

Have to catch a flight? Going to a wedding? You can still sneak in some fishing!


Single Angler Kayak Trips – Full Day or 1/2 Day

Our tandem Hobie Pro Angler 17T is perfect for older or less mobile clients that don’t want to have to worry about maneuvering a kayak on their own.  Check out our video about it below.


*Gratuity and tax not included.


Booking a trip with us is easy! Just check our availability on the calendar and book your trip with a $100 deposit and a couple clicks and we’ll be in touch. Once your deposit is paid your date is locked in. We cannot hold dates without a deposit. The balance of the trip is due at the end of the trip. Cash or check is preferred. We also take Visa, Mastercard, or Amex. Please contact us if you have any questions 253-851-3474 or sales@gigharborflyshop.com.

Cancellation Policy: Deposits for canceled guide trips will be refunded in full with a 30 day or more notice. Cancellations within 30 days will forfeit all deposit monies. If we are able to re-book the guide, we will refund the deposit or apply it to a trip at a later date. If a trip is cancelled with less than 24 hours notice, the full price of the guide trip will be charged. Our guide trips go out in all safe weather and water conditions, therefore inclement weather, water levels or undesirable fishing conditions are NOT acceptable reasons to cancel or receive a refund. Trips cancelled by the guide or mutual guide/client decision due to unsafe weather or water conditions, state or federal closures, or other uncontrollable circumstances will have the entire deposit refunded.