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Current class schedule for the next several months

Fly Fishing 1.1 Introduction to Fly Fishing   Saturdays, 8-12pm ($50)

This 3-4 hr. class is designed for those with little to no fly fishing experience. The class will start with an overview of exciting fly fishing opportunities in Washington. We will then cover the basics of stream entomology, an explanation of fly fishing equipment and rigging, and then conclude the class with 2 hrs of hands on fly casting instruction.

Class Prerequisite: Nothing is needed but a desire to learn to fly fish!
What to Bring: Dress for the weather, all equipment is provided.

Fly Fishing 1.2 On the water experience Saturdays, 1pm-6pm ($99)

This is the next step in our introduction to fly fishing series. In this course we partner with Trophy Lakes Casting & Golf for a half day of on the water fly fishing instruction and the opportunity to catch your first trout on the fly rod. Lunch is included! The class will begin as a group learning to properly rig your equipment for the day. Your instructor will then demonstrate the necessary skills for casting and fishing the fly, along with the steps to properly hooking, landing, and releasing a trout. Then it will be your turn to put your newly acquired skills to use and fish for big trout. As you fish, your instructor will be close at hand to help.

Class Prerequisite: Fly Fishing 1.1 or some very basic fly fishing knowledge
What to Bring: Dress for the weather, Waders, boots or shoes that can get dirty. Rods and reels available for purchase in advance or loaners are available upon request. We will provide leaders, tippet, and flies. No fishing license required.

Fly Fishing 1.4 – Stream Fishing For Trout ($99)

Fly fishing for trout in rivers and streams is a past time enjoyed by people all over the world. Moving water and beautiful trout have drawn people to the sport of fly fishing for hundreds of years and continues to do so today. We are breaking this coarse down into two parts; Part 1 we will meet for an evening at the fly shop and discuss Entomology (bugs), Flies and Techniques, parts of a river, equipment, safety, and more… Part 2 we will meet at a local river and discuss casting for trout, wading safety, and do some “waders on” training on how to approach a river, break it down, and fish it effectively.

Class Prerequisite: Fly fishing 1.1 or basic fly fishing knowledge.
What to bring: Waders and Boots. Bring your own rod and reel if you have it. Loaners available upon request. Necessary leader, tippet, and flies will be discussed at first session. Sunglasses for safety and a freshwater fishing license is required.

Fly Fishing 1.5 – Puget Sound Beach Clinic ($99)

One of our most popular courses, this class consist of two sessions. The first session will meet for an evening at the fly shop and discuss the fishery of Puget Sound. This will cover seasonal fishing opportunities, entomology, flies, tides, equipment, and more. The second part will be a Saturday session conducted on a local beach putting this knowledge to use.

Class Prerequisite: Fly fishing 1.1 or basic fly fishing knowledge.
What to bring: Waders and Boots. Bring your own rod and reel if you have it. Loaners available upon request. Necessary leader, tippet, and flies will be discussed at first session. Saltwater fishing license is required.

Fly Tying Classes

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Spey Casting 1.1 ($40/hr)

Class Prerequisite: None
What to bring: Waders and Boots. If you have your own rod you are welcome to bring it otherwise a setup will be provided.

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Spey Fishing 2.1 – Winter Steelhead Spey Clinic
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Fly Fishing 2.5 – Intermediate Puget Sound Beach Clinic ($99)
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This clinic moves beyond the basics taught in Puget Sound Beaches 1.5 in this two part course. Learn advance rigging techniques and fly selection. How to fish surface flies, different fly retrieves, and secrets of fishing Puget Sound. How to read and adjust to changing conditions and seasons. Significant time will be dedicated to learning about what cutthroat and salmon eat in the saltwater. In addition to fishing, we will also beach seine a local beach and see what fish eat up close. (7hrs.)

Taught by Blake Merwin (shop owner and guide) and Michael Behrens (Professor of Marine Ecology at Pacific Lutheran University)

Class Prerequisite: Fly fishing 1.5 or previous Puget Sound experience.
What to bring: Bring your own waders and equipment.

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Private Casting Instruction:
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Want to learn to double haul? Or are you having a problem with tailing loops? Our casting instructors are great at analyzing and correcting faults in your casting stroke as well as teaching new techniques. Rates: $40 hr.

Class Cancellation Policy:

Our students’ and instructors’ time is valuable and we make every attempt to ensure a quality learning experience.

In the event that a student needs to cancel or reschedule, students must contact us at least 7 days in advance to reschedule. Within 7 days out from the scheduled class, we may be able to reschedule a student for a $25 rescheduling fee (provided there is open enrollment in an upcoming class). No refunds on cancellations.

The instructor reserves the right to cancel the scheduled class in the event of unsafe weather conditions or unforeseen scheduling issues/emergencies. Additionally, the instructor may cancel and/or reschedule a class up to five days before the scheduled class if the enrollment in a class is inadequate.

We strive to ensure a quality experience with our classes and attempt to reasonably accommodate students and instructors when permissible. We recognize everyone’s time is valuable!