GHFS-TN-SplLocated in the heart of Puget Sound, Gig Harbor resides in a pretty unique neighborhood. Directly in our backyard, are beaches and the open Sound, offering up salmon, sea run cutthroat, lingcod, and more. Our immediate vicinity is also dotted with numerous lakes of varying sizes which host rainbow and cutthroat trout, bass, and for the truly adventurous, tiger muskie.

A few blocks away in our “neighborhood,” on the Olympic Peninsula, lies a world renowned steelhead fishery, offering anglers the opportunity to chase truly trophy sized fish. Further north, east, and south are additional opportunities including the Eastside Puget Sound rivers for steelhead, lakes which offer some large stillwater trout, Olympic and Cascade Mountain high lakes, and the Columbia River tributaries for steelhead and salmon.

The purpose of this section is to provide anglers with a starting place to get out and find spots to fish. This is by no means an exhaustive list and there are plenty of books and resources which offer additional information, and of course there are plenty more spots which are never mentioned because they are the true gems, the secret spots anglers have spent countless hours consulting maps and burning up tanks of gas to seek out.

Remember, there is no substitute for actual exploration. As you fish the more well known spots, carefully take in your surroundings and think about what makes the spots productive. As you begin your own search, remember the characteristics of the productive spots and look for areas with similar features. You’ll soon be rewarded with a handful of secret spots of your own.

We’ve divided this growing website feature into four main sections:


Puget Sound

Olympic Peninsula

Western Washington

The Fish

We’ll be adding a host of new information about the neighborhood over the next several weeks and months.

Image: North Fork Skokomish / Blake Merwin