Crescent Lake

A short drive from Gig Harbor.  Motorized boats are allowed, and there is a gravel boat ramp at a WDFW fishing access site.  The lake generally has stained water, and reaches a depth of about 29 feet at it’s deepest point.  It is open from the last Saturday in April through October 15.  It has approximately 47 acres of surface area.  Largemouth bass, bluegill, crappie and rainbow trout are what you can expect to catch in this lake.  A great early season trout fishery close to home.

Horseshoe Lake

At just over 40 acres, this lake holds some larger fish.  The state stocks some “jumbo” class rainbow trout in here every year, and there are some big largemouth bass living here as well.  Anglers can also find bluegill and pumpkinseed panfish, but the emphasis is on trout.  There is a WDFW boat launch as well as fishing access provided by a county park.

Carney Lake

Combustion motors are not allowed on this 39 acre gem.  Straddling the Pierce and Kitsap county lines, this lake has an access site provided by WDFW.  There is not much parking, so please plan ahead.  The boat ramp is best suited for hand launched craft such as float tubes and kayaks, as the ramp is pretty shallow.  Rainbow and brown trout are the main quarry. The fishing season is split on this lake, open the last Saturday in April to June 30, then closed for July and August, and open again from September 1 to November 30.

Long Lake

This fairly shallow lake in Kitsap County lives up to it’s name: it is long and narrow and covers almost 321 acres in surface area.  Species in this lake include rainbow and cutthroat trout, largemouth bass, perch, bluegill and crappie.  The main attraction for this lake is the warmwater fishing.  Access is fairly easy, with a county park located at the north end of the lake.  Long Lake is quite shallow and gets weedy and warm later in the summer, which makes it perfect habitat for the numerous warmwater fish it supports.