The Olympic Peninsula is home to incredible natural beauty and broad ranges of fish and waters, offering something for every fly fisher and a lifetime of water to explore.

The West end rivers of the Olympic Peninsula, such as the Hoh, Sol Duc, Bogachiel, and Queets are legendary among steelhead fly fisherman. Each have their own individual character and are home to some of the largest steelhead on the planet. From the emerald green water of the Sol Duc to the rain forests of the Hoh, the steelhead rivers of the Olympic Peninsula are as amazing in their beauty as their fish, and should be experienced by every serious fly fisher.

The East side of the Olympic Peninsula contains many small lakes and streams for the trout fisherman looking for adventure. Small rivers like the Hamma Hamma, Duckabush, and Skokomish offer great summer trout fishing with eager fish rising to dry flies. Some are accessible by car, many others by trail, there are also hundreds of seldom fished lakes in the Olympic Mountains waiting to be fished with a fly. Some of our favorites include Upper and Lower Lena and Jefferson Lakes.

Whether chasing steelhead on the west end rivers, sea run cutthroat on Puget Sound, or trout in a mountain lake, the waters of the Olympic Peninsula are our playground and we love them all.

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Image: Pate the wonder dog says ‘raft, we don’t need no stinkin’ raft’ / Matt Hageness