GHFS-TN-Western-WashWestern Washington is blessed with endless fishing options for the exploring angler. Literally, a lifetime can be spent fishing new water if one would choose to do so. Of course though, we have our favorites that we will visit many times over. Puget Sound rivers like the Skykomish, Stillaguamish, and Skagit epitomize the Northwest steelhead angling experience with their endless beauty and deep history of steelhead fly fishing. Reading books such as Trey Combs’ Steelhead Fly Fishing will inspire you to visit and fish all the storied waters.

To the South, rivers like the Cowlitz and Kalama provide excellent year-round opportunities for steelhead and salmon. In addition to the thousands of miles of rivers, lowland lakes provide easy access to trout and warmwater species such as bass, panfish, and even tiger muskie. Small streams and alpine lakes are littered throughout the Cascade Mountains and provide great opportunities for exploration and minimal crowds. With so many opportunities, we love calling Western Washington home!

Look for a host of location specific pages with much more detail over the next few weeks.

Columbia River Tributaries

Image: Somewhere (he ain’t telling), Cascades / Matt Hageness